About the GOABC
The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) was established in 1966 to represent the guide outfitting industry to government and advocate for science-based wildlife management. Today the association represents 60-70% of the guide outfitters in BC.
Our vision is for a province with a strong and stable guide outfitting industry and abundant wildlife populations for all to enjoy, both today in the future.
Our values are professionalism, integrity, passion, and family.
Guide outfitters are the founders of the tourism industry and an important part of the outdoor heritage of BC. They enjoy showcasing “super, natural British Columbia” and derive great satisfaction from their clients’ enjoyment. Approximately 5,000 hunters come to BC each year and spend more per day per capita than any other visitor to our province.
The guide outfitting industry is an important contributor the health and well-being of rural economies. Our industry provides 2,000 jobs in BC’s backcountry and generates approximately $116 million in revenue each year. Most guide outfitters derive their primary source of income from their family-run guide outfitting business.
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